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Gene & Lee's African Safari
South Africa - April 28 to May 24, 2010


Introduction to our African adventure!

April 28 - Edmonton to Calgary

April 29 - Calgary to Frankfurt

April 30 - Frankfurt to Jo'burg

May 01 - Jo'burg

May 02 - Jo'burg to Livingstone

May 03 - Victoria Falls, Zambia

May 04 - Livingstone to Jo'burg

May 05 - Jo'burg to Hazyview

May 06 - Kruger National Park

May 07 - Kruger National Park

May 08 - Kruger to Pongola

May 09 - Pongola to Durban

May 10 - Durban to Cape Town

May 11 - Cape Town to Gordon's Bay

May 12 - Gordon's Bay / Gansbaai

May 13 - Gordon's Bay / Stellenbosch

May 14 - Cape Town to Jo'burg

May 15 - Jo'burg to Lephalale

May 16 - First day of hunting safari

May 17 - Second day of hunting safari

May 18 - Third day of hunting safari

May 19 - Fourth day of hunting safari

May 20 - Fifth day of hunting safari

May 21 - Sixth day of hunting safari

May 22 - Seventh day of hunting safari

May 23 - Jo'burg to Frankfurt

May 24 - Frankfurt to Calgary


Thursday, May 20th - Fifth day of hunting safari

Gene's Day - Up at 5:30 for a 6:10 start again. By 6:30 we were back at the property where I scored on my impala. We drove in and didn't see much for the first hour or so. Then, at 7:30 Hans spotted a waterbuck 200 yards away across an open swamp.

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Hans had a plan. The buck was moving from left to right along the far edge just inside the brush so we skirted our side parallel to him on foot. We finally cleared the swamp and found an opening. Hans set up the shooting tripod and we waited. All of thirty seconds later the buck stepped out broadside to us into the open at 80 yards.

I was immediately on the rest and was somewhat taking my time getting everything lined up when Hans whispered to me, "You can shoot now". Right about then I got a great sight picture on the waterbuck's shoulder and touched off the shot. He reared straight up and bolted into the bush.

When we walked up, Hans found the spot where he had been when I shot but there was no blood to be found. It wasn't really a problem though as we all knew the hit was solid. My guys started casting back and forth in the bush looking for sign and after about a minute Freckie found the waterbuck piled up 30 yards away in heavy brush. A perfect shoulder shot, but we never did find blood.

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Hans was very, very happy and so was I. Another record book animal; three out of four so far. After winching him out of the brush from where he fell, we did the photo shoot then loaded him into the box of the truck.

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We spent the next two hours looking for a warthog. However, all we found was the monster blue wildebeest we had spotted last night. We tried to get into a position for a shot but the wind was swirling and he finally caught our scent. Back to the truck at 9:40 a.m. and back to camp just after 10 o'clock.

Rod was already back at the lodge when we arrived. He finally took his eland, a big 1,600 lb. bull with 32" horns. Shortly after I arrived, Quentin pulled up and told us he had a clean miss on a gemsbok at 80 yards off the sticks. He immediately went to the range and two shots told him it wasn't the gun. Harold showed up next. He had been out for waterbuck all morning but no luck so far.

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Cruiser Bob, Leesa and Brian had left with Bwana Pieter at 10 for the airport at Jo'burg. Brian had his eland, hartebeest, warthog and a very nice impala, and Leesa had her zebra. All in all, I believe they were quite satisfied with their success and had a good time with us Canucks. I know that we certainly enjoyed their company.

Lunch was a gemsbok shepherd's pie. After we finished it was quiet time until 2:30 at which time I went out again to try and find that monster wildebeest. Lee joined us again. We went back to the same concession but decided we'd rather chase warthogs, so that's what we did. No luck but we did see lots of game through the afternoon. Shut it down at 5:30 again and back to camp.

Harold never scored in the afternoon. Rod shot a respectable impala and Quentin bagged a nice red hartebeest.

Harold's Day - Nothing to report today.

Back At The Ranch - Dinner was at 7:00 and Tiny started us off with a really good thick beef vegetable soup. There was an excellent curried chicken for the main course and bread pudding for dessert. Off to bed at 9:30.

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